Unwinding the Feminine Workshop

Through movement and music, postures and prose

25th May 2-5pm at the Yoga Barn, Ubud

This 3-hour workshop is designed for you to listen inside to your own authentic way of moving – beyond standard cues or a goal orientated approach.   In traditional approaches to yoga, the poses are often emphasized while the process of exploring them is overlooked.  Together we will journey into the heart of yoga, combining breath and movement and organic non-linear ways of moving, so that we may open to profound feelings of vitality, empowerment and ease.  It will include a brief overview of the largely patriarchal framework of contemporary yoga and how we as both women and men can move in ways which honours our inner cycles, rhythms, emotions and wisdom.  Be prepared to radically deepen your intimacy with asana, incorporate mudra into asana and move as never before.

“A woman’s body is so beautiful.  It doesn’t matter how old or how young she is it is a beautiful creation. When we try to push ourselves into fixed positions we deny the beautiful flexibility and roundness that we have been given.  The empowerment of our being through our body is what Yoga is about. ” Angela Farmer

We will be gifted with the accompaniment of live music with sebatierra playing the African kora.  The kora creates a wonderful vibration and portal into which we can journey even deeper within.

 All levels of experience welcome. Open to both men and women.

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