About Bex

And I rise my arms to the sky
Saluting to the power of this sun
I plant my feet in the golden sand
Bow down to the beat of this land
With each breath, the hearts of all breathe with the heart of all.

– Bex Tyrer –

I have been teaching at the Yoga Barn in Bali for eight years and living in Asia for thirteen years.  I teach a wide range of styles (vinyasa, yin, restorative, power, hatha, acroyoga) and yet at the core of it all, I simply share my intimacy with “Yoga”.  As the Yoga Barn has expanded into a huge studio, I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of teachers in training and working with thousands of practitioners from all over the world.  No-one is the same.  The bodies/minds that stream through my classes are all unique in their expression of life.  My students, along with my incredible teachers (who include Denise Payne, Emil Wendell, Mariella de Martini, Vijay Amar Sen and Mark Whitwell) have taught me that Yoga cannot be simplified into a set of postural cues or alignment.  Yoga is enormous.  It is ancient, it is wise, it is diverse and what I share is a humble attempt of what my dedicated study has revealed to me.

I grew up in the highlands of Scotland although my home quickly expanded to the myriad of cultures, mountains, waterfalls, ocean and deserts that I have been so blessed to be immersed in.  I graduated with a Mphil in Development studies from Oxford University and dived into work in conflict areas and areas of extreme poverty.  I learned the hard way – that no  amount of research or presentations was going to solve the wars or end the hunger.  I moved from external development to “inner development” and have spent the last decade exploring all that lays in between.

My fascination of Yoga History and Philosophy has helped to inform my understanding of the wisdom tradition of Yoga beyond the modern day yoga studios.  My trips to Tibet, Nepal and India have left me with a reminder that much of what is now sold and advertised has little in common with the wealth of Yoga waiting for us to each individually activate. My education and life journey and love for Yoga has equipped me to move into the field of Yoga Activism.  I have established Freedom through Movement Yoga projects in Kolkata, Kathmandu and Palestine.

Everything is in constant motion and transformation.  Music, dance, Angola capoeira, surf, friends, creative writing, Nature, my family, late night laughter and early morning sunrises are a few of what keeps the light within shining bright.  Come and join me.  Together we journey.