About Bex

And I rise my arms to the sky
Saluting to the power of this sun
I plant my feet in the golden sand
Bow down to the beat of this land
With each breath, the hearts of all breathe with the heart of all.

– Bex Tyrer –

Scotland born and raised, and Oxford educated with a graduate degree, MPhil in Development studies, Bex Tyrer has been Asia-based for the past thirteen years, where she has been her passion for Yoga and yoga activism.  Primarily based at the Yoga barn, in Ubud Bali, Bex has had the opportunity to teach thousands of practitioners from all over the world, and to share her experience with literally hundreds of teacher trainees.This intensive exposure to so many different practitioners and perspectives of yoga has been one of her main teachers.

Bex teaches a wide range of contemporary styles including hatha, vinyasa flow, yin, restorative, power and acroyoga. Yet at the core of it all, her true gift is to simply share her personal and intimate relationship with yoga, whilst helping to remind people that Yoga cannot be simplified into a set of postural cues or alignment.

Yoga is enormous, it has evolved greatly since its time of conception.  Yoga’s adaptability and diversity has led Bex to dive deeper into a more academic orientated study of both the history and philosophy of yoga.  This unique mix of study and practise means that Bex doesn’t teach another brand or idea of what yoga should be. Instead, she explores how to cut through the spiritual and commercial jargon, and make some of the latest cutting-edge research on the history of yoga accessible to daily practitioners and teachers.  Her study of women in yoga’s history, as well as her years of observations in the studio has also led her to raise important questions as to the ability of contemporary yoga to support women’s health and self-esteem. This has led to the development of Bex’s immersions (Unwind the Feminine and Living Wisdom) that aim to fill the gap in the yoga industry. They speak to issues such as:

  • Social justice and activism
  • Body Image
  • Trauma informed care
  • The inner yoga of Menstrual Cycle Awareness
  • An introduction to the history of yoga
  • Yoga philosophy for the modern world

Bex uses her platform to explore some of the critical issues of contemporary yoga (including issues of inclusivity, gender and the dangers of commodification) whilst working to ensure that postural yoga is supportive of women’s health as well as social and environmental justice.

Bex has had the privilege of being guided by some great teachers including Angela Farmer, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Denise Payne.

Her education, life journey and love for Yoga took Bex into the field of Yoga Activism, to establish Freedom Through Movement projects in Kolkata, Kathmandu and Palestine. Her love for wisdom and a fascination with the human experience breathes life into Yoga philosophy, history and practice. She loves to climb mountains and dance. Freedom through Movement is a way to embrace your life!