Immersion or Teacher Training?

My experience is that the more in love with this practice we become, the more time on the mat we spend, and the more we open to the myriad of ways in which we can immerse-in yoga, and then teaching comes naturally.  For this reason I will not be providing official TTC certificates.  After years of dedicated practice what I have witnessed is the saturation of the commercial aspect of a deeply spiritual practice, which limits yoga to ‘asana’ and promotes the falsity that it is possible to be a competent yoga teacher after just 200 or 500 hours of study.

This course honors yoga as a huge spectrum of history, philosophy, movement and essentially Liberation. By shifting the focus from how to teach to yoga, we will free up time to do what the majority of participants who sign up for a one month course actually want. This course is dedicated to all those who wish to learn, embody and activate yoga within themselves at a very deep and intimate level.

If after the one month course a certification is still important to you, I will be happy to provide a confirmation of attendance and a personal reference.