Unwind the Feminine Leadership Training

Wake up the Wisdom Within


2-24th December, 2018 at The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

Unwind the Feminine: Embodied Spirituality, Sexuality, Sensuality and Creativity
A Women’s  3-week Feminine Leadership Retreat & 150 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

This course offers a totally different perspective on Yoga and the way in which we can gear our practice and teachings to the modern women, to awaken her feminine powers and restore deep healing in the body-mind system.   

This course is geared towards the woman who wants to reclaim the power of her body and its innate cycles throughout her life without simply conforming to another template of the yoga industry.

In this course, you will deepen your practical tools, physical vitality and philosophical understandings of yoga without the time and financial commitment of a full blown YTT course.  Rather than learning another set of techniques, you will receive fresh new perspectives that will guide you to tap into the power of your menstrual cycles and stages of your life.  When you merge this with the wisdom of the yoga tradition it is of great benefit to your own health, other women and the wider world.

Open to all who are on the journey of self-discovery through yoga, this course will be of special benefit to the serious yogini who would like to build her own programs geared towards supporting women to reclaim their inherent spiritual power and own self-respect. 

The point of this training is to support the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of women’s health and share a wealth of techniques and practice for those working in this field, as to how to integrate the healing power of yoga and feminine energy of Shakti in a practical, rooted and effective way.

Together, we will break through the standard narrative of contemporary yoga and make the content deeply relevant to EVERY woman’s body and life.

Topics covered include:

  • Feminine flows to support pelvic health and womb awareness
  • How to work with female anatomy in yoga
  • Conscious menstrual awareness practices
  • The power of pranayama, mudra, mantra and bandha in asana
  • Sound meditations and intuitive visualizations
  • Moving meditations and dance
  • Voice activation
  • Authentic relating techniques
  • Expression of sexuality and sensuality through creative arts, writing and dance
  • The cultural impact of the media, morality and medicine on womens health
  • Tools to support the recovery from low self-esteem, depression, body image and eating disorders
  • Earth conscious and effective activism
  • Outdoor adventures into the wilds of Bali
For an even more detailed outline of the upcoming training: Unwind the Feminine outline
Early Bird (before 15th September) $2100

Price (after 15th September): $2750

$500 deposit included in the total price to secure your place

Does not include flights, accommodation or meals

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