A Yogis Prayer

May all who are free set others free

May all who are suffering be released from their pain

May all the world’s leaders lead with compassion and may peace prevail

May those accumulating wealth at all costs, become wise to their ways

May we shift from seeing the earth as a resource to honour it as a precious source

May we give back more than we take and allow for life’s bounty to rejuvenate

May our works flourish so that they can aid everyone

May we stay firm on this path and welcome the teachings from life’s challenges

May we choose to be happy, to reclaim our birth right until the pressures and corruption of societies heritage disintegrates.

May we practice with our heart, to reclaim our inner north, anchor to the breath, Vayu’s mighty force

May we be quiet, listen more, learn from the humble and celebrate the mundane

May we forgive and commit to building a more humane home

May we welcome each moment as a gift on loan, and live in devotion to the constant motion – as this tiny pale-blue ball spins through it all