I really very much enjoyed the course and have been reflecting on it all and noticing many things….. about myself, about the women around me, friends, strangers, even women portrayed in art, written articles, stories, myths and legends…. and it’s fascinating! Definitely viewing the womb space and femininity as very powerful and humbling at the same time.

Lianne, Australia, December 2019

I am amazed on how well you were prepared every day. This clearly takes a lot of organisation, effort and dedication. And time, of course. I particularly liked how you touched upon the sexuality part. I really appreciated the fact that you raised the discussion and opened the boundaries yet the training was not over sexualised. I feel like there’s a lot of female trainings talking sex and sexuality only ( why not) but yours is about femininity in its existence.

Ekaterina, France, December 2019

Words can not describe the profound experience I had in Bali’s Yoga Barn during Bex’s trainings “Unwind the Feminine” and “Living Wisdom”. I am SO honored to have crossed paths with Bex. The second I made eye contact with her I felt accepted, loved, and safe. That alone was enough to enjoy the trainings. Bex has MANY years of intensive studies, hands on experiences and immersions into the real world and real tough work as the yogi activist that she is. She effortlessly shares her wisdom and has such a strong drive to spread the word of Truth and Righteousness. Every single person should join her trainings because you will leave a different person with a new perspective. A perspective that is expansive, beyond limiting beliefs, and gives authentic direction as to how to teach your fullest potential. She really guides you into understanding your connection to source bellow, Mother Earth, and source above, the Cosmos/Universe/God/Goddess/etc.

I learned the innate wisdom of my body and learned how to really tune in to listen and act accordingly. I never felt so connected with my vessel. Bex really knows how to hold space for the students to feel what they need to feel and she opens up a space of connection with one another, truly showing us the reflections we are of one another. Turns out I have a lot in common with all the other students that are from all around the Globe. There’s so much more I can type and so many specifics I can get into but you need to immures yourself into Bex’s trainings and her presence in truly understand. ❤

HIGHLY recommend any of Bex Tyrer’s trainings at the Yoga Barn un Ubud, Bali. I’m looking forward for more in the near future!

Emile, USA, May 2019

This course was the beginning of what is sure to be a life long journey of discovery and exploration of the divine feminine power. In a time when it can feel as though shiny skin, long eyelashes, and toned thighs are the most important qualities a woman can possess, this course served as a guide back home to the truth and wisdom of my body. As I continue to explore my relationship with my body through self practice, I am awakened to deeper levels of my being — this course is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

Margo, USA, May 2018

From her embodied wisdom from many years as a yoga teacher and the essential subject matter she shares in this training for what it means to be a woman, Bex also offered me the space to feel deeply which I discovered is a common trait between us. This training has left an imprint, both on topics that are important to me and also for this quality alone, deep listening. Thank you Bex, I value the contract we had to meet each other.

Sarita, New Zealand, June 2019

After having loved, practised and studied yoga for a number of years in both Europe and South East Asia, it’s quite apparent that in many places, yoga has started to fall under the fitness industry which in my opinion, can cause more harm than good. There seems to be underlying competitiveness between women (and men) about looking good and having a ‘perfect pose’ which is detrimental to our psyche and to our bodies.

I wanted to dive deeper into yoga but in a way that would be beneficial to me specifically as a woman and without the unhealthy way, women can be pitched against one another. After having recently completed ‘Unwind the Feminine, Women and Yoga’ – a training course created and facilitated by Bex Tyrer, it’s refreshing to see yoga being approached and unpacked in a different way. We were taught practices that were designed to take a woman’s body into account and how to work with our inbuilt cycles as well as learning more about the role women play in yoga.

Bex did an incredible job of offering new information whilst still honouring a practice that is thousands of years old. It was a real privilege to have spent eight days learning from a real Yoga Teacher and it’s exciting to see that yoga is evolving to respect women and their bodies.

Soraya, UK, December 2019

Bex’s‘Unwind the Feminine” immersion was a beautiful exploration. I left the course feeling connected, deeply nourished, and super inspired to dive deeper into the teachings and practices shared. I’ve taken away a deeper connection with my own unique cycle and body, tools to work with it and the courage to honour it even when it may be going against the grain.
Bex teaches straight from the heart in a way that’s both informative and experiential. She clearly has a passion for her work as it shines through all that she shares because she embodies what she’s teaching. She’s catalyzing and is not afraid to speak truth which I really appreciate as it inspires me to honour my own truth. IT was the most divine training and I’m incredibly grateful for the potent space that she held allowing me to dive deep into the teachings and my inner world, my menstrual cycle and my freedom.

Justine, Australia, June 2019

It’s a privilege to be able to take a course with Bex. She’s a fierce, passionate and incredibly knowledgable teacher who bestows sacred wisdom that’s crucial and integral to every woman’s life. Its shocking that so much of this information has been held back from us, leading to the disconnection so many of us women feel with our body and spirit. But finally we have a brave teacher who is unleashing this knowledge and wisdom allowing us to unravel and reconnect with the power of the sacred feminine and consequently help heal the planet. She is a teacher who isn’t scared to go against the grain, challenge mainstream authority on yoga and dig deep into the darkness, after all that’s where the treasure is! I feel so charged with emotion,Inspiration and motivation to share everything I’ve learnt and more!

Leila, England, June 2019

This training was like a shot of sweetness in my life, in all the way possible, with people who just truly believe in love and authenticity. That’s a powerful experience to reconnect with yourself and others by remembering that we are way more than what our society and education taught us. This is an opportunity to understand your body, to let it go some conditions and to have a deep listening of your senses, your body, your femininity and your heart. More than unwind the feminine, for me it was unwind your true self and remember who you are and where do you come from. It’s rare nowadays to have a space where you can be heard, seen and where the time and productivity are not the priority.
So, if you hesitate, just trust and allow yourself to be part of this beautiful gift and to dive into some unknowing part of yourself.

Elodie, Tahiti, June 2019

This course has been pretty much the last missing piece in my searching for answers about what it is to be born in a female body, beyond gender and stereotypic labels both in the real world and the yoga world. To be able to feel and listen to the body for real this time, listen to its own rhythm and seasons that the female body goes trough every month. Not having to be apologetic about bleeding or being in pain or feeling tired. Not trying to solve anything but instead listen to what the body wants me to learn this time around. Understand that every month is a new beginning, a new cycle that will lead me in the right direction if I only take the time to listen.

Thank you Bex for creating the space for this practice. The real practice. A space to be a woman as nature created us. To feel the connection with Mother Earth and her cycle and realize that we are the same, and that even in a contemporary world it is possible to feel this oneness because we carry that same rhythm inside of us wherever we go.

Alice, Sweden, 2019