This course has been pretty much the last missing piece in my searching for answers about what it is to be born in a female body, beyond gender and stereotypic labels both in the real world and the yoga world. To be able to feel and listen to the body for real this time, listen to its own rhythm and seasons that the female body goes trough every month. Not having to be apologetic about bleeding or being in pain or feeling tired. Not trying to solve anything but instead listen to what the body wants me to learn this time around. Understand that every month is a new beginning, a new cycle that will lead me in the right direction if I only take the time to listen.

Thank you Bex for creating the space for this practice. The real practice. A space to be a woman as nature created us. To feel the connection with Mother Earth and her cycle and realize that we are the same, and that even in a contemporary world it is possible to feel this oneness because we carry that same rhythm inside of us wherever we go.

Alice, Sweden, 2019