I had the great fortune to be able to participate in a series of workshop over five days with the immensely inspiring Yoga Barn teacher Bex. Life transforming to say the least!
We started off the week with Facing fears – arm balances and inversions, moved over to heart openers and back bends – bring courage up to the heart, then hips and twists – embracing change. Slowed things down with connecting breath and movement and finally finishing off with a day of “A closer look at Yoga” including traditional live music – THANK YOU. An amazing experience, to explore and dive deeper into all aspects of yoga. Bex walk her talk and has so much knowledge and love for this practice which really shines through in every moment. Her asana sequences are beautifully designed and infused with rich stories, personal experiences and an on-going dialogue with us in the group. She is fully present and encouraging, the positive energy and joy she puts into her teaching is contagious.I came out of these five days with so much more understanding of why we do the asanas we do, how yoga can be a tool for life transformation, how I can support myself in a different way – both through an arm balance and also in life! How I can put this into practice, off the mat, for the other 22 1/2 hours of the day. Beyond words grateful – I recommend everyone, whatever level of experience or previous knowledge to take one or two or more workshops with Bex.”

Carin, Sweden, Dec 2016