“Curious about what yoga really is? Wanting something deeper and more authentic? Then if wish you to really deepen your yoga practice, and your understanding of what yoga actually is, then Bex is your teacher! She guides her classes with the ease and grace of an experienced teacher, and someone that walks her talk and wants to make a real difference in this world through these valuable and profound teaching.  Bex offers a wellspring of wisdom of all aspects of yoga , in a fun, and inspiring way that is accessible for all, including those new to ‘yoga’, have been practicing for years or are indeed already teaching themselves. Her immersion was deep, insightful and has transformed my practice into something more than i could imagine in just 5 days. So enjoyed the engaging discussion of yoga philosophy to compliment the asana practice, so that these teaching can be bought not only to the mat but to daily life as well. I highly recommend you check out her schedule next time you are looking to immerse yourself into the YOGA.”

Zoe, UK, Dec 2016