Words can not describe the profound experience I had in Bali’s Yoga Barn during Bex’s trainings “Unwind the Feminine” and “Living Wisdom”. I am SO honored to have crossed paths with Bex. The second I made eye contact with her I felt accepted, loved, and safe. That alone was enough to enjoy the trainings. Bex has MANY years of intensive studies, hands on experiences and immersions into the real world and real tough work as the yogi activist that she is. She effortlessly shares her wisdom and has such a strong drive to spread the word of Truth and Righteousness. Every single person should join her trainings because you will leave a different person with a new perspective. A perspective that is expansive, beyond limiting beliefs, and gives authentic direction as to how to teach your fullest potential. She really guides you into understanding your connection to source bellow, Mother Earth, and source above, the Cosmos/Universe/God/Goddess/etc.

I learned the innate wisdom of my body and learned how to really tune in to listen and act accordingly. I never felt so connected with my vessel. Bex really knows how to hold space for the students to feel what they need to feel and she opens up a space of connection with one another, truly showing us the reflections we are of one another. Turns out I have a lot in common with all the other students that are from all around the Globe. There’s so much more I can type and so many specifics I can get into but you need to immures yourself into Bex’s trainings and her presence in truly understand. ❤

HIGHLY recommend any of Bex Tyrer’s trainings at the Yoga Barn un Ubud, Bali. I’m looking forward for more in the near future!

Emile, USA, May 2019