“A chance to dive deep into your yoga practice and expand upon your foundation to achieve radical transformation and embracing gratitude in your life no matter what.
I am beginner but is suitable for ALL LEVELS of experience.  The teacher, Bex Tyrer is really professional, really well prepared, passionate and have a nice way to embrace you in this yoga journey. Thank you!!!”

Constanza, Italy. August 2016

“Taking part in Bex Tyrer’s Yoga Immersions was simply AMAZING!! Bex is such an authentic soul who teaches her profound wisdom from the heart. I learned so much and I’m grateful our paths crossed. If you get a chance I strongly recommend to sign up for Bex‘s Immersions in 2017 otherwise make sure you take one of her classes when you visit.”

Anne, Netherlands, Aug 2016


I had the great fortune to be able to participate in a series of workshop over five days with the immensely inspiring Yoga Barn teacher Bex. Life transforming to say the least!
We started off the week with Facing fears – arm balances and inversions, moved over to heart openers and back bends – bring courage up to the heart, then hips and twists – embracing change. Slowed things down with connecting breath and movement and finally finishing off with a day of “A closer look at Yoga” including traditional live music – THANK YOU. An amazing experience, to explore and dive deeper into all aspects of yoga. Bex walk her talk and has so much knowledge and love for this practice which really shines through in every moment. Her asana sequences are beautifully designed and infused with rich stories, personal experiences and an on-going dialogue with us in the group. She is fully present and encouraging, the positive energy and joy she puts into her teaching is contagious.I came out of these five days with so much more understanding of why we do the asanas we do, how yoga can be a tool for life transformation, how I can support myself in a different way – both through an arm balance and also in life! How I can put this into practice, off the mat, for the other 22 1/2 hours of the day. Beyond words grateful – I recommend everyone, whatever level of experience or previous knowledge to take one or two or more workshops with Bex.”

Carin, Sweden, Dec 2016

“The immersion course run by Bex is an amazing journey to step deeper in your own Self discovery, no matter where you’re up to. She will welcome YOU, fully ! You will experience what it means to Love you more and to Love more others. It’s an opportunity to not miss…letting YOGA embodying more your Life. Bex’s knowledge is a river flowing constantly, inviting you to come along, to share anything, practicing and allowing your Life to flow better…with less tensions maybe, but mostly much much more Love. I’m deeply GRATEFUL that my path has taken me on that journey.”

Cecile, France, June 2017

“You helped me create a real sense of Home within myself, previously there was a gap there that I’d tried to fill with so much else. Something tells me you’ll give back this credit, but keep a part of it for yourself because I gift it to you. Thank you.”

Heidi, Turkey, June 2017

“Curious about what yoga really is? Wanting something deeper and more authentic? Then if wish you to really deepen your yoga practice, and your understanding of what yoga actually is, then Bex is your teacher! She guides her classes with the ease and grace of an experienced teacher, and someone that walks her talk and wants to make a real difference in this world through these valuable and profound teaching.  Bex offers a wellspring of wisdom of all aspects of yoga , in a fun, and inspiring way that is accessible for all, including those new to ‘yoga’, have been practicing for years or are indeed already teaching themselves. Her immersion was deep, insightful and has transformed my practice into something more than i could imagine in just 5 days. So enjoyed the engaging discussion of yoga philosophy to compliment the asana practice, so that these teaching can be bought not only to the mat but to daily life as well. I highly recommend you check out her schedule next time you are looking to immerse yourself into the YOGA.”

Zoe, UK, Dec 2016

“The perception of Yoga this day is being challenged,questioned,discussed, observed and celebrated by the tribe that Bex had been able to gather from seemingly around the world, which threading unseen web of interconnectivity. Guest speakers were invited in (so many that it feels like we ate Gado-gado, lots happening & texture in a plate yet all being binded by the sauce), whom had gracefully shared their insight, stories, wisdom and bhakti as real as they are. A taste you may have to take on upcoming September, as the cosmic dancer and guru Bex Tyrer will have thoughts and flow she’s going to transmit. Oh, I am Indonesian with so-so English communication may hinder me to get my point across, it wasn’t limiting me. And I got injuries too, that also didn’t restrict me. =).  I may need to steal a poem by Shinji Moon; What it took to understand. It started from there, my journey to look into things unseen, unfelt. The pain of understanding I can relate to. The immersion has taking me into another understanding.  It has leading me from what it took to what it gave. It will be another journey to observe re-reading same sentences of once relate able poem with different relation.Thank you for another beautiful space you had hold for all of us.”

Stephanie, Indonesia, June 2017

Bex Tyrer has outgrown herself once more in her four weeks Immersion “Freedom Through Movement” in May 2017. Although I joined her last three weeks Immersion Series in August 2016 this one was going deeper. We learned a deeper understanding in Yoga Philosophy, connecting it with our body movements in Asana, Dance, Acro Yoga, asking questions, integrating it in our every day life and much more. She invited inspiring guest speakers, who were pushing our own set boundaries, limitations. It encouraged us to see things from different perspectives. I loved the weekly discussion rounds, the regular check-ins where we at, the presentations each of us held in groups of two. It was an unique chance for me to dive deeper into myself and fully embody Yoga with all its facets. I feel my body has truly arrived in the practice of Yoga (for the first time) and it’ll help me to follow my further path. I’m once more deeply grateful that I met Bex Tyrer and have the chance to study with her. Her authentic, compassionate and intuitive teachings create a safe space for everyone to blossom on its own, dive deep into ourselves and build an interconnected group spirit. I truly recommend it and also her future Immersions. The next one is in September 2017. She’s a pearl and so worth seeking out. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Angela, Switzerland, June 2017