Had an incredible experience today in a workshop with Bex at the yoga barn. The Full Day Immersion was a wonderful way to dive deeper into the practice of yoga. So much of what we practice has become just asana, but the roots, messages, and actual practice extend so far beyond the mat. This workshop really gave an opportunity to step deeper into yoga, how I relate to it, as well as what yoga really can mean for individuals, communities, humanity, and the entire way that we relate to all of the world.

The asana portion of the workshop also was fantastic, as it honed in on our intention of the poses, and how to really be present with ourselves while on the mat (regardless of how we are cued or expectations based on others bodies)

My only “complaint” is that it was just a single day as there is so much more to cover, talk about, discuss, and discover than we were able to in the 6 hours that we had together. I’d love to see this as a recurring (or progressive) program offering the opportunity for everyone to depend their understanding of what yoga is/can be for all of us.

Many thanks to Bex and the Yoga Barn for a great day

Visited November 2015

Samuel K