After having loved, practised and studied yoga for a number of years in both Europe and South East Asia, it’s quite apparent that in many places, yoga has started to fall under the fitness industry which in my opinion, can cause more harm than good. There seems to be underlying competitiveness between women (and men) about looking good and having a ‘perfect pose’ which is detrimental to our psyche and to our bodies.

I wanted to dive deeper into yoga but in a way that would be beneficial to me specifically as a woman and without the unhealthy way, women can be pitched against one another. After having recently completed ‘Unwind the Feminine, Women and Yoga’ – a training course created and facilitated by Bex Tyrer, it’s refreshing to see yoga being approached and unpacked in a different way. We were taught practices that were designed to take a woman’s body into account and how to work with our inbuilt cycles as well as learning more about the role women play in yoga.

Bex did an incredible job of offering new information whilst still honouring a practice that is thousands of years old. It was a real privilege to have spent eight days learning from a real Yoga Teacher and it’s exciting to see that yoga is evolving to respect women and their bodies.

Soraya, UK, December 2019