“The perception of Yoga this day is being challenged,questioned,discussed, observed and celebrated by the tribe that Bex had been able to gather from seemingly around the world, which threading unseen web of interconnectivity. Guest speakers were invited in (so many that it feels like we ate Gado-gado, lots happening & texture in a plate yet all being binded by the sauce), whom had gracefully shared their insight, stories, wisdom and bhakti as real as they are. A taste you may have to take on upcoming September, as the cosmic dancer and guru Bex Tyrer will have thoughts and flow she’s going to transmit. Oh, I am Indonesian with so-so English communication may hinder me to get my point across, it wasn’t limiting me. And I got injuries too, that also didn’t restrict me. =).  I may need to steal a poem by Shinji Moon; What it took to understand. It started from there, my journey to look into things unseen, unfelt. The pain of understanding I can relate to. The immersion has taking me into another understanding.  It has leading me from what it took to what it gave. It will be another journey to observe re-reading same sentences of once relate able poem with different relation.Thank you for another beautiful space you had hold for all of us.”

Stephanie, Indonesia, June 2017