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The aim of my courses are to create a space for practitioners and teachers alike to explore some of the major themes of Yoga in a way that makes them deeply relevant to your lives. We do this through discussion, practice and adventure.

When we come together we form a powerful group of support and create a special space for inner exploration. Firm friendships are formed and these can be just as powerful as the teachings and practices. You are gifting yourself a very special experience and in just a few days, there will be insights that will stay with you for many years.

Over the years it has become clear that what many of us are so hungry for is actually not another training but in fact an “untraining.” By this I mean, that we have become so wound up through our commitments and social constraints that rather than allowing yoga to blossom within us, we end up striving to attain a perfect practice, or an endless search for a future state of happiness. The term “unwind” seems particularly apt, and my courses are designed to facilitate a journey home – back to simplicity, self acceptance and embrace of the totality of the human experience.

Unwind the Feminine: Women and Yoga. I have been fascinated with the history and philosophy of yoga and how the tradition developed in regards to women’s physical emotional and spiritual health. We will explore what is often left out of standard narratives of yoga which include how to teach in a way which supports a woman’s own innate freedom to move respective of her curves, pelvic organs, healthy body image and self esteem. We will also explore the value of the inner yoga: A woman’s menstrual cycle and the various stages of her life.

  • 21st April – 28th May 2020, The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali spaces still available,


  • Summer 2020, Loch Ness, Scotland TBC More Details coming soon!

Unwind the Feminine: Yoga and Trauma.
This training translates yogic thought and contemporary science into embodied wisdom for the modern woman. When we unwind old stories, injuries, shock, trauma, anxiety and stress lodged in the physical, mental or emotional bodies, then a magical alchemy can unfold which brings us home to ourselves. This “home” allows us to embrace our past history and present circumstances.  We then empower ourselves to walk forwards in the direction of our choice. By fine tuning yoga practices and teachings to support the nervous system there is space for the body’s innate intelligence to be heard. The more in-tune we are then the more capable we are to step up, show up and take action in a way that supports our health, relationships, community and environment. This, is the heart of yoga.

  • 5th – 12th May 2020, The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali – spaces still available


Wilderness and Yoga: A chance to take yoga back to the landscape which first birthed it: The mountains, forests and rivers. Rather than learn another set of commandments, this yoga is all about listening and receiving the wisdom which is all around you and within you. We will practice outside, take long walks, and explore non-dualist teachings, yogic cosmology and the power of the deep feminine.  This is deeply restorative and free from any notion that you need to attain a perfect posture, or understand complex philosophies. You already are wild and free!

  • Dates TBA, Pateley Bridge, Yorkshire UK – More Details coming soon


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