Body image, identity & Yoga 100 hour immersion

This 11 day yoga immersion is as personal as it is political.  It explores our inner values and challenges external systems of repression.  A course that is about real liberation!

16th-26th June 2018


A one of its kind workshop birthed after rising from a decade of eating disorders.   The global obsession with the particulars of one’s body and credentials risks placing us in boxes and roles that strip us from an inwardly free and connected life. Ironically, the success of the Yoga industry has done little to alleviate this. It is time to align with an authentic practice that leads to liberation from suffering rather than adding to it.

This is for all those who want to dive deeper than a superficial practice that often keeps us slaves to our own patterns and limited beliefs.  When we look further into the roots, philosophy and development of modern day Yoga then we catch a glimpse of what liberation really means.  By exploring the older teachings on Indian cosmology, death, fear, the power of the subtle body then the current importance placed on body image and conforming to stereotypes simply melts away.   This immersion is for practitioners and teachers who see the necessity in taking a stand against the pressure to brand Yoga and limit it to a particular sequence or style, and will also provide effective tools to incorporate these wider teachings into your own classes, practice and life. It is time to embrace the beauty and natural intelligence of Life that you already are and to honor and respect this precious human body, explore its perceived limitations and embrace its hidden gifts.

What we will cover:

Morning practice (9am-1pm)

  • Unwind the Feminine: Extended morning asana practice aligned with breath, inner wisdom, strength, develop a deeper understanding of the biomechanics and sacred geometry of your own body and how that effects your movements, stability and creative expression.  Our long practices are designed to set your body free from externally orientated ways of moving and to reclaim your own practice.
  • Bandha: Work with the internal locks to safely move energy and anchor within.
  • Pranayama: Basic breath techniques to navigate the inner worlds whilst embracing connection with the power of prana shakti.
  • Meditation: When in Nature, in stillness and in movement meditation can arise naturally without force, effort or striving and provide the gateway to your own intuition.
  • Mudra: Truly awaken the awareness of your body/mind connection.
  • Mantra: Active compassion for yourselves and others.
  • Music and movement: The power of the cosmos, the power of sound, the temple of your body. We will enter into yin yoga, sound healing and whole body prayer.

Afternoon sessions (3-7.30pm)

  • Presentations: We will explore why and how the history and philosophy of Yoga  is often simplified beyond relevance and instead take you on a journey well beyond the standard yoga curriculum. Topics covered include:
    • Yoga and Identity: Symantec’s, labels, spiritual by-passing and insight
    • Death and Fear in the Upanishads
    • You are what you eat: Koshas, chemicals and nutrition
    • The dark side of the Goddess: Exploring, transforming and releasing self from past trauma
    • The Tantra Revolution, the divinity of your body and the birth of Hatha Yoga
    • Whose body is this anyway?! Sexual and emotional Intimacy
    • Start a movement: Women’s Bodies, Women’s wisdom: Tap into your inherent birthright through your bodies cycles (including menstrual cycles, aging and the blossoming of Life wisdom)
  • Writing and discussion: Get real with what your life experience has taught you and choose to move beyond reactionary flight, fight or freeze states to identify negative emotions and destructive behaviors and replace them with more life affirming ones.
  • Dance: Activate a wider range of expression, release and connection and move like you have never moved before.
  • Thai Massage: The ability to give and receive through healing touch, body energetics and the 4 aspects of True Love.
  • Excursions: Step out of the studio and into the wild. We will explore the magic and healing of the water temples of this land, get our feet and hands in the earth and let nature do the teaching.

Suitable for all levels of experience – Every Body is a Yoga body: For teachers who see the need to activate Yoga within the industry and to support practitioners to find true freedom in their practice and daily lives.

Take a step towards investing in your own well-being and know that the benefits will ripple out to all those you care about.  A percentage of each course is re-directed towards the Yoga Activism projects in Kathmandu, Kolkata and Palestine as part of the wider vision of Freedom through Movement.  Discounts can only be offered to those willing to invest in multiple immersions as detailed below:

Total Price: $1400 (A $500 USD deposit is included in the total rate and is required to reserve your space on the immersion).

Total Price for two immersions (Living Philosophy 2nd – 13th June 2018): $2500

Does not include food, accommodation or flights.
Recommendations for staying in Ubud, Bali

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