Activate Yoga Intensive

Wake up the Wisdom Within


2-28th December, 2018 at The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

The most important kind of leadership is self-leadership.   It is a cultivated art and in direct alignment with an embodied Yoga practice. This course is for all who are ready to awaken the wisdom within and to really active Yoga – on and off the mat.

The Yoga Tradition points towards the gifts of self awareness and self reflection as ways to take responsibility or the direction of our life and hone in on what “freedom” really means to each one of us regardless of external circumstance.

In this course we will:

  • Move to the heart of Yoga: Deep intimate connection with breath, posture and presence
  • Reclaim postures: Embody your Yoga, establish your own self practice, develop stability in a wide range of postures and how to really move on the mat with maximum awareness.
  • Know your Yoga: We will look at the History & Philosophy of Yoga as a way to get clear on what you are practicing and teaching.
  • Live your Yoga: Group presentations, discussions and outdoor adventures to explore why your practice/teaching is essential for the times of rapid change & intensity we are living in.

This course is a unique opportunity to dedicate 3 weeks to Your practice, health and relationships. Open to all who are willing to see Yoga and Life differently. Fantastic for beginners and essential for teachers who are ready to really TEACH YOGA.

Includes weekly adventures to immerse in the mountains and waters of Bali.


“The purpose of all my courses are indeed to allow each participant the space and guidance to deepen their intimacy with Yoga.  It is my view that only after this has happened are we in a position to teach, and in fact the teaching will simply arise naturally without the pressures, constraints and limitations of many commercial Yoga Teacher Trainings.
The “Activate Yoga Intensive” in December is no exception to this.  We will focus on how to really activate Yoga both in the studio and in our daily lives.  We will explore many of the teachings and practices which are designed to help us peel off the limitations we have been born into/placed upon ourselves to rest in the beauty and perfection of life itself.  For me this is the Heart of Yoga.  Underneath all the obsession with the body and business of yoga lies a wisdom tradition holding the simple technology to realign each one of us with our inherent birth right:  To live in accordance with Life as opposed to resistant to it, and allow the vitality and wisdom to unfold from within.


Course Schedule:

Morning Sadhana:
Extended led (and self) asana practice
Guided analytical meditation
Mudra and mantra

12 – 2 pm Lunch Break

2 – 6 pm
Workshops on the following topics:

  • Bridging the Ancient and Modern: The roots of Yoga to the present day
  • Yoga Philosophy:  Including the paths of Yoga
  • A closer look at Hatha Yoga and the role of Asana
  • Grief, Death and Wisdom
  • The Hero’s Journey and Life as the Teacher
  • Body identity:  Tuning in to your body, its innate wisdom and intelligence, our relationship with body image, size and age, body/mind relationship
  • Yoga, Intimacy and Relationships
  • Yoga Ecology:  How our practice affects the world and our intimacy with it
  • Yoga Activism:  What it means to really activate our Yoga practice on and off the mat)
  • The Yoga Rebel:  Aligning with an authentic Yoga practice in the midst of the Yoga industry
  • Freedom of Movement through Dance: 5rhythms inspired dance classes

6 -7.30 pm Featured documentaries, Guest speakers, Written word & group discussions

For an even more detailed outline of the upcoming training: (PDF) Leadership for Real



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Total Price: $2900 ($500 deposit included in the total price to secure your place. Numbers will be limited to 20 participants)

Discount available for graduates of Freedom through Movement 2017 and June 2017 immersions.
Does not include flights, accommodation or meals

To register: Contact us or email directly to: