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Beyond spiritual jargon * Myth-busting radical content* Live an engaged life in times of turmoil * Catch yourself in times of crisis* Wise ways for social and environmental justice

Specialised Yoga Training  2-9th December 2019, The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali


Just like the original yogis, this course is revolutionary in its approach. It is designed for you to activate your yoga, step away from the “yoga world” of attainment and image and instead check out what lessons can be used to support your life, wellbeing and wider community.

Just as we pull an arrow back further so that it will fly further forwards, we journey in so that we can travel out with more efficiency, humility and vision.

This course was designed to:

Deepen your physical practice:

  • Learn a wide range of postures, sequences and how to effectively guide others to do the same
  • Twice daily practices include hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, restorative and yin practises with live music
  • Meet the esoteric yoga body: Understand the energy body of Hatha Yoga and how this relates to alignment, adjustments, self-discovery and teaching
  • Learn about the myths behind key poses and how this can be a bridge for sharing some of the deeper lessons of yogic philosophy in a physical practice

Yoga history & philosophy:

  • Learn where yoga has come from via the latest cutting edge, fascinating research on yoga’s history and evolution
  • Key concepts in yogic philosophy and how these have evolved over time
  • Exploration of topics such as death, fear, courage, dharma (your “purpose”), karma, attachments, addictions, compassion, intimacy and more
  • Fresh new perspectives on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra& the Yoga of theBhagavad-Gita
  • Re-Wild Excursion:Step out of the studio and explore the magic and healing of the Balinese jungles, waters and mountains where nature does the teaching.

Teaching skills applicable to yoga and beyond:

  • Develop a confident, natural teaching style applicable for sharing your passion, whether that be teaching yoga or anything else!
  • Use your life experience to explain and embody the concepts we are studying and convey them in a real and relevant way
  • Learn fun techniques for integrating complex theory into your communication skills and working relationships.

Yoga Activism:

  • How to make yoga accessible beyond yoga studios and for specific populations such as youth, refugees, in conflict areas, in prisons
  • Share yoga in a way which reflects resilience and supports recovery
  • Acro yoga and yoga inspired games to share yogic wisdom to build community, trust and communication skills
  • Wise up to some of the pertinent critical issues in contemporary yoga and how to navigate them as a practitioner and/or teacher including commercialisation, accessibility, cultural appropriation, gender and more
  • Develop your own sequences, content and plan of action to take your yoga out into the world

Schedule: Morning session 9-1pm. Afternoon 3-7pm. Price includes tuition and excursion but not food, flights or accommodation.

“I have developed this course over a number of years, and after just surviving a very intense fire, this stuff really works!  What I had previously learnt and practiced was to become my own superpower for emerging from an extremely difficult situation. Now, more than ever, I realise the necessity for each one of us to deeply engage deeply with an embodied practice of Yoga. Life has a wonderful way of taking us by surprise. Life is the true teacher. Yoga guides us in how to receive and surrender, to rise up and embrace all that you are handed, no matter how tough, painful, or indeed, spectacular that may be. This course is my humble offering back to you and back to the gifts and challenges which I have been given.” Bex

If you are already teaching, learn wise ways to speak to what is needed and translate yogic wisdom into gems for the modern-day practitioner in a humble, no bullsh*t and deeply relevant way. Gain an informed perspective of yoga which cuts through the spiritual jargon and activates yoga from the inside out.

If you love yoga, you are teaching or want to teach and you believe that inner revolution goes hand in hand with external transformation, then this immersion was designed for you.

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Additional Info:


Suitable for all levels of experience – Every Body is a Yoga body. Fantastic foundation for beginners and essential for teachers who are ready to activate yoga in a way that can help every body live a life full.

A $300 USD deposit is included in the total rate and is required to reserve your space on the immersion). Does not include food, accommodation or flights.



Early Bird Price (before October 8th): $908

Regular price: $1008

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