Living Wisdom: The bridge between Yoga & Activism

A beautifully designed specialized immersion to guide you through the Yoga Tradition to a practice supportive of your health, relationships and role in the world.

2-9th December 2019, The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

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I have developed this course over a number of years, and after just surviving a very intense fire, this stuff really works!  What I had perviously learnt and practiced was to become my own superpower for emerging from an extremely difficult situation. Now, more than ever, I realise the necessity for each one of us to deeply engage deeply with an embodied practice of Yoga.

Yoga gives us a way to be responsible for our own physical, emotional and spiritual well being.  Often times, the challenge is how to put the theory into practice. Once “activated”, yoga gives us a way to really get to know ourselves. It is a way to move from being at the mercy of old survival strategies and core wounds to revealing our most intimate desires, hidden talents, our wildest dreams. Yoga is a way to become deeply engaged with our life from the level of our work, relationships and inner world.

It takes courage to feel the intensity of what it is to be alive in 2019, and to have the wisdom to know how drop external mandates and decipher what is really important. Once we are able to step into this state of being, we are already to see the value of committing to living a life free from suffering yet unafraid of feeling the whole spectrum of emotions from pain to love and beyond. Fear of failure melts away, and all we can do is our best. Sometimes thats beyond enough, sometimes we fall short. We let life teach us. We share the lessons and blessings.


In 8 days you will gain an informed perspective of Yoga which cuts through the spiritual jargon and dives to the heart of what Yoga is all about. There will plenty of time to develop your physical practice, grasp a thorough understanding of the main themes of contemporary yoga and gauge how it links back to the ancient roots of this wisdom tradition.  If you are already teaching, then this will help you share your passion with others in a humble, no bullsh*t and deeply relevant way.

Each day we will have a long morning practice that will set the foundation for the afternoon presentation series, discussion groups and workshops:

Morning practice (9am-1pm)

  • The Healing power of Posture: Explore the depth of movement to give you the confidence to move freely on and off the mat. Learn how to move beyond standard alignment queues, in a way that respects your own body and cycles.
  • Develop your own self practice as a foundation for confidently teaching others how to do the same.
  • Cover a huge range of postures and have fun doing so.
  • Embrace the power of breath: Easy ways to practice pranayama during a physical practice and in times of stress and overwhelm.
  • Incorporate the technology of mudra and mantra into your daily practice.
  • We are physical – we are spiritual. They are one and the same. The Hatha Yoga panchakosha explains this and gives as a way to experience it for ourselves.
  • Hatha yoga will be our foundation from which will we also explore Vinyasa flow, Yin, Restorative, Acro YogaSound Healing and Yoga Nidra.

Afternoon sessions (3-7pm)

Activate Yoga: Presentations to take you well beyond yoga theory!

  • We are all one! Yoga has shamanic roots akin to all indigenous cultures, including your own. At a time of such global movement, know that you have a place. You belong.
  • Need help digesting death, fear, reincarnation and your life’s purpose? Then we will take a good look at the Upanishads and the Bhagavad-Gita.
  • Shine a light on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra and the gifts it gave us to understand the concept of the mind and a system of universal humanitarian values!
  • Fall in love with the myths, gods and goddess of Hinduism.  They have powerful messages for you.
  • Ever suffered from addictions, depression, judgements, grief, trauma or anger? Then you are totally normal! Learn how to use these feelings to rise above conventional notions of victim, savour or aggressor and into genuine compassion.
  • Buddhist ideas of True Love can guide us into more fulfilling intimate relationships.
  • Get clear on the main paths of Yoga and how they has evolved into our contemporary Hatha Yoga practice.

Yoga Activism:

  • Where are the women?! What does it mean to be a female practitioner in a typically male dominated Yoga narrative and industry? How has this affected our understanding of its history, philosophy, and the ways yoga is still taught, sold and practiced?
  • Yoga Ecology: Some of the oldest teachings of yoga point to the human body as being a reflection of the cosmos. By studying ourselves as a microcosm within the bigger macrocosm weaves our place in the web of existence, gives clear guides for living in rhythm with natures cycles and as a steward for the natural world and all of its creatures.
  • What does it mean to practice/teach yoga in 2019? What are the issues to speak to and take action on?
  • Re-Wild Excursions: Step out of the studio and into the wild. We will explore the magic and healing of the Balinese jungles, waters and mountains.
  • Use your life experience to explain and embody the concepts we are studying and be able to convey them in a real and relevant way to others.
  • Learn fun techniques for integrating complex theory into your communication skills and working relationships.

Life has a wonderful way of taking us by surprise. Life is the true teacher. Yoga guides us in how to receive and surrender, to rise up and embrace all that you are handed, no matter how tough, painful, or indeed, spectacular that may be. This course is my humble offering back to you and back to the gifts and challenge which I have been given.

Suitable for all levels of experience – Every Body is a Yoga body. Fantastic foundation for beginners and essential for teachers who are ready to activate yoga in a way that can help every body live a life full.

Take a step towards investing in your own well-being and know that the benefits will ripple out to all those you care about.  A percentage of each course is re-directed towards the Yoga Activism projects in Kathmandu, Kolkata and Palestine as part of the wider vision of Freedom through Movement.

A $300 USD deposit is included in the total rate and is required to reserve your space on the immersion).Does not include food, accommodation or flights.

Early Bird Price (before October 8th): $908

Regular price: $1008


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