Living Wisdom: Yoga Philosophy & You Immersion

A 11 day yoga immersion that is radical in its approach because it dares to question, explore and educate how the riches of the Yoga Tradition merge with the contemporary yoga industry.  

14th-25th May 2019, The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

This course is designed to strengthen you as a practitioner and if applicable, as a teacher.  It is for those who dare to have a deeper understanding of Yoga and to learn how to share this in your classes, work and relationships. A combination of practice and a deeply informed perspective of Yoga which cuts through the spiritual jargon and dives to the heart of what Yoga is all about. It is a unique opportunity to commit to your well-being and will have an automatic benefit to those around you.

Ironically, in an average yoga class there is little time to incorporate the larger concepts fundamental to the Yoga Tradition.  Even in a teacher training there is such a wide range of material that must be covered that much of the working philosophy (ie how yoga ethics, its complex paradox’s and current evolution) is simplified for convenience.  This course is dedicated to fill in the gaps and dive back to the roots of yoga whilst questioning assumptions and challenging stereotypes.

We will begin our yoga education with extended morning practices that will set the foundation for the afternoon presentation series, discussion groups and workshops as follows:

Morning practice (9am-1pm)

  • Postures: Extended morning asana practice to explore the depth of movement. Designed to give you a solid foundation of the Sanskrit names of the poses, sequencing, and practice according to the pancha koshas, “asana as awareness” and alignment with spanda (the flux of life). Use these skills to increase competence in a wide range of postures including inversions, arm balances, backbends, twists and everything in-between.
  • Pranayama: Basic breath techniques for turning awareness in whilst simultaneously developing awareness of connection to all forms of prana Shakti.
  • Bandha and the Vayus: How to work with the subtle body system of Hatha yoga and to find physical and mental repose from within.
  • Meditation: As an extension of postures and an invitation into the subconscious workings of the body/mind. Working with analytical and visual Buddhist meditation techniques.
  • Mudra: To calm the body/mind and direct energy.
  • Mantra: Active compassion for yourselves and others.

Afternoon sessions (3-7.30pm)

  • Presentations: We will explore why and how the history and philosophy of Yoga is often simplified beyond relevance and instead take you on a journey well beyond the standard yoga curriculum. Topics covered include:
  • Indian cosmology and its shamanic roots
  • Journey through the Upanishads and its teachings on life, death and fear
  • Examine the importance of intention and impermanence which Buddhism gave to Yoga
  • Trace the concept of non-violence (ahmisa) back to Jainism and how this can guide our modern-day values and choices
  • Uncover the main themes of the Bhagavad-Gita and what Karma Yoga means in action
  • Take a close look at Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, what it includes and what it left out
  • Study the main paths of Yoga, how they differ and relate to contemporary yoga
  • Learn about the rise of Tantra and its relationship to Hatha Yoga
  • Uncover the subtle body system of the pancha kosha, mudra, mantra and yantra
  • Put into context the birth of modern postural yoga with the rise of Indian independence and the work of the great Krishnamacharya
  • Question the role and place of women, women’s body and women’s wisdom in a primarily male dominated record of history, practice and contemporary perspective which often views enlightenment as a concept to be attained in the far off future rather than recognized as an inherent birthright.
  • Yoga Ecology: Some of the oldest teachings of yoga point to the human body as being a reflection of the cosmos. By studying ourselves as a microcosm within the bigger macrocosm weaves our place in the web of existence, gives clear guides for living.
  • Discussion and presentations: Use your life experience to explain and embody the concepts we are studying and be able to convey them in a real and relevant way to others.
  • Practice: Learn new techniques for integrating complex theory into your communication skills and working relationships.
  • Excursions: Step out of the studio and into the wild. We will explore the magic and healing of the ceremony, offering and ritual native to Bali by immersing in a local water

This immersion provides a bridge between asana (postures) and the wisdom tradition. It will provide you with insights to reveal where true wisdom comes from and how this helps us to navigate the challenges of life with resilience, courage and humility.  It is time to get clear about what yoga is and isn’t! Its history, rich lineage and wisdom and how this is relevant to you and your everyday life.

Suitable for all levels of experience – Every Body is a Yoga body: Open to all who are willing to see Yoga and Life differently. Fantastic foundation for beginners and essential for teachers who are ready to really TEACH YOGA.

Take a step towards investing in your own well-being and know that the benefits will ripple out to all those you care about.  A percentage of each course is re-directed towards the Yoga Activism projects in Kathmandu, Kolkata and Palestine as part of the wider vision of Freedom through Movement.  Discounts can only be offered to those willing to invest in multiple immersions as detailed below:

Total Price: $1400 (A $500 USD deposit is included in the total rate and is required to reserve your space on the immersion).

Total Price for two immersions (The Body Temple 28th May – 7th June 2019): $2500

Does not include food, accommodation or flights.
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