Unwind the Feminine: Specialised Yoga Training

A beautiful program supportive of women’s health


For inquiries please email directly: freedomthrumovement@gmail.com


This course offers a totally different perspective on Yoga and the way in which we can gear our practice and teachings to the modern women and support optimum health in the body-mind system.   

I developed this course in response to the gap between what I knew as the philosophy of yoga and my own relationship with my body, my challenges in intimate relationships,  erratic menstrual cycle and feeling of purpose in the world. Despite decades on a mat, my inner world was still chaotic and the pressures of attempting to conform to the image of the yoga industry self defeating.

The first version of “Unwind the Feminine” began as a “Body Image and Identity” – an immersion during which I explored how to activate yoga as a liberation teaching for the every day practitioner. I wanted to create an specialised training for both practitioners and teachers to explore how yoga supports the following:

  • Menstrual health
  • Healthy self-esteem
  • A body positive image
  • Ability to embrace the cycles of life
  • Courage to make brilliant life choices
  • Recovery from illness, injury and trauma
  • Speaking your truth without leaving a space of love
  • Self-Leadership to truly overcome eating disorders and addictions

To do this it was necessary to break the mould of a full blown TTC and to raise important questions about the manner in which we teach including sequences and queues that respect the following:

  • Female anatomy
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Develop a solid self practice
  • Freedom not to fit into the mould!
  • Confidence to listen to what your body needs
  • A woman’s monthly, seasonal and life changes

The result is a beautiful immersion that is geared towards the woman who wants to wise up to the power of her body and its innate cycles without simply conforming to another template of the yoga industry. To do so, I discovered that it was necessary to break away from a typical yoga lineage but without abandoning its timeless wisdom. In the course you will also learn the following:

  • The role of women in medieval yoga to the modern studio
  • The power of mantra, yantra and mudra to protect and heal
  • A deeper understanding of the wisdom of your nervous system
  • Ways to work with pranayama for pain and stress management
  • Your multi dimensional Yogic body – the panchakosha – and what this can teach you
  • The wisdom of the Mahavidyas – the great goddesses and the messages they have for you
  • The inner yoga of your menstrual cycle (past or present) and how it can help you to recover from injury, illness and into inspired creativity

In honour of the ethos of “Freedom Through Movement” I have also included:

  • Yin and Restorative Yoga
  • Elemental and Ecstatic dance
  • Voice activation and sound healing
  • Outdoor adventures into the wilds of Bali
  • The Art of Healing touch and Thai Massage
  • Deep rest and multi dimensional travel with Yoga Nidra
  • Many of our practices will be accompanied with live music
  • The power of ritual, developing intuition and deep listening

This will be a very special 8 days. It is open to all who are on the journey of self-discovery through yoga.  This course will be of special benefit to the dedicated yogini who would like to build her own programs geared towards supporting women to reclaim their inherent spiritual power, self leadership and self-respect. 

The point of this training is to support the physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions of women’s health and share a wealth of techniques and practice for those working in this field, as to how to integrate the healing power of yoga in a practical, rooted and effective way.

Together, we will break through the standard narrative of contemporary yoga and make the content deeply relevant to EVERY woman’s body and life.

A $300 USD deposit is included in the total rate and is required to reserve your space on the immersion).Does not include food, accommodation or flights.

Early Bird Price (before October 8th): $908

Regular price: $1008