1 – 19th of June, 2018, The Yoga Barn, Ubud, Bali

The art of yoga is a way of living, and there is no coincidence so many gather in Bali to practice and study yoga.

This immersion will combine practice and an exploration of philosophy in a way which will be life transforming for all who enter with intention. It is not enough to just know the theory, and nor is it enough to just go through the motions, so together we will really activate yoga from the inside out and get real with what “Liberation” really means.

Diving back to the roots of yoga, through its different paths and explores the rich history of this wisdom tradition giving it relevance to our everyday lives!  We will move on the mat with maximum intention. Our morning sadhana will explore many perspectives:

  • Build a solid foundation in the physical body and understand the multi-faceted dimensions of the poses
  • Learn how to source your strength from body’s own inner wisdom
  • Journey through the breath to bring the unconscious conscious
  • Embrace your physical practice as a tool to expand awareness
  • Honor and respect this precious human body, and explore its perceived limitations and hidden gifts
  • Increase competence in a wide range of postures including inversions, arm balances, backbends, twists and everything in-between
  • Explore the psycho-physical connection between the body and the mind and how different postures access different parts of our energetic, emotional, mental and wisdom bodies
  • Provide practical tools to develop a really solid self-practice to take with you wherever in the world you might be
  • Learn how to sequence postures and dive deep into the huge spectrum of wisdom asana holds

 Sections which we will study on and off the mat will include:

  • The link between asana (postures) and the wisdom tradition. Take a closer look at where wisdom comes from and how this helps us to navigate the challenges of life with resilience, courage and humility.
  • Challenge some assumptions!  Its time to get clear about what yoga is and isn’t! Its history, rich lineage and wisdom and how this is relevant to you and your everyday life.
  • Yoga Ecology: Some of the oldest teachings of yoga point to the human body as being a reflection of the cosmos. By studying ourselves as a microcosm within the bigger macrocosm weaves our place in the web of existence, gives clear guides for living.
  • Weekly field trips out into nature to explore the intimate connection between everybody and the world around
  • Activate Yoga! Yoga as radical self transformation. We look at how to use the physical practice to wake up this intimate connection with 1) our own body 2) our own mind 3) the physical world around us
  • Yoga Activism: take if off the mat. Why are we doing any of this? Taking a good look at how and why our practice makes a difference in the world. Be inspired, dive deeper into life, and walk the talk
  • Wake up to your own true nature: We are an expression of creative consciousness, and we have a choice about how we choose to direct this precious force
  • Liberation Insight: Dive into and beyond our perceived limitations, fears, addictions and belief systems and look at how yoga demands we free ourselves from unconscious conditionings and practice awakened consciousness. This is the real heart of yoga. It’s time to be free on every single level!


Daily Schedule:

Tuesday – Saturday
9am – 12pm
Morning sadhana:
Analytical meditation
Mudra sequences
Beautiful extended asana practice

12 – 1.30pm Lunch break

1.30 – 5pm
Discussion and presentation
Group work to embody and activate teachings

Sunday: 9am – 1pm Creative group work, play, learning and sharing to further embody the week’s teachings

Monday: Free day!

Evening events: movie nights, ecstatic dance, sauna, fire ceremony

Special Events: Weekly trip outside of the studio to immerse in the beauty and hidden treasures of Bali.


Early Bird: $1900 ($500 deposit, paid before April 30th 2018)
$2100 ($500 deposit)

Does not include food, accommodation or flights.
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To register: Contact us or email directly to: