Arm Balances for Life, 2nd Aug


 2nd August 9 – 6 pm 2017 


Traditional asana practiced with devotion leads to freedom within one’s heart. The Yoga Sutra II.28 confirms this “Yogaanganusthanat asuddiksaye jnanadiptih avivekakhyateh”, which means “practicing all the aspects of Yoga destroys the impurities so that the light of knowledge and discrimination shines”.

This workshop is about tapping into the innate wisdom of postures. We will explore arm balances as a doorway into some of the deeper aspects of Yoga philosophy.  Learn how your practice reflects your body image, beliefs and relationships. Explore how though conscious movement we can really get to know our selves, each other and the World.

A beautiful combination of practice and philosophy. Open to ALL levels of experience. Every Body Welcome.


Price: 700,000 IDR
Early bird: 600,000 IDR (book by 29th July 2017)

Register in advance or on the day of the workshop at The Yoga Barn upper reception only


arm balances for life