Wilderness and Yoga Retreat

Haworth, Yorkshire UK

4-8th March 2020

Walking in the footsteps of the Bronte sisters. A time to re-wild, refresh and be re-inspired. This is a call out to all of you who can’t make it across to the Far East but can make it up North! Let us learn from the wisdom and history (or rather her story) of this land.

We are often presented with a choice of either leading a life of spiritual enquiry or one of social activism. This retreat is a retreat back into the world. It is an opportunity to refresh and renew in order to be able to engage with daily life with even more intimacy and presence.

Yoga is often described as an “intervention;” a way to break patterns that no longer serve and to widen perspectives. This weekend is a weekend to revitalise, rejuvenate and remember that there is no contradiction between self knowledge and social responsibility.

More often than not, we are led to believe that the answers lay outside of ourselves. That we need to travel to far off, distant or exotic places, or to study with the most famous teachers or recite ancient scriptures, in order to “practice yoga”. Yet what if everything you could ever need or ask for is already right here? This is an opportunity for you to literally place your bare feet back on the land, to practice outside, without the four walls of a studio, and to  literally soak up the wisdom and vitality of the Yorkshire Dales. 

The location is wild.  Haworth is stunningly beautiful and will offer an incredible venue for our daily practises and excursions.  We will explore meditation in motion through posture and breath.  There will be long morning and evening practices in a woodland cleaning. There will be daily walks through the hills and gorges that have been carved over thousands of years. We will walk around the hills where Emily Bronte set Wuthering Heights and  perhaps understand the words expressed so beautifully in the novel: “Heaven did not seem to be my home; and I broke my heart with weeping to come back to earth; and the angels were so angry that they flung me out into the middle of the heath on the top of Wuthering Heights; where I woke sobbing for joy.”

You will receive guidance how to develop your self practice, learn how to honour the inner cycles of menstruation and life cycles, practices to support vitality and introspection, ways in which we can welcome the dualities of grief and love; pain and compassion. The “learning” will come through the remembering, that we never were “separate,” and that the cycles and rhythms that surround us are continuously mentoring and guiding our lives. There will be two home cooked vegetarian meals a day, as we feast in the rustic beauty of a barn, with the stars as our companions.

This retreat is open to all practitioners who can’t wait to cut through the spiritual jargon and remember what’s important. Its quite simply a weekend with awesome folk to immerse in the wonder of what it is to be wide awake and fully human in the world.

Come and join me for four days of journeying through the wilderness and back to yoga. Remember the power of the natural world, and the necessity to tune into this flow of vitality  wherever you may find yourself or whatever situation life might throw at you.

Suitable for all levels of practitioners from teachers in need of some inspiration and beginners eager to travel beyond a conventional modern day yoga class and out into the power and inspiration of the land of our ancestors and the home of the ones yet to come.

Stanzas, Emily/Charlotte Bronte

Often rebuked, yet always back returning
To those first feelings that were born with me,
And leaving busy chase of wealth and learning
For idle dreams of things which cannot be:

To-day, I will seek not the shadowy region;
Its unsustaining vastness waxes drear;
And visions rising, legion after legion,
Bring the unreal world too strangely near.

I’ll walk, but not in old heroic traces,
And not in paths of high morality,
And not among the half-distinguished faces,
The clouded forms of long-past history.

I’ll walk where my own nature would be leading:
It vexes me to choose another guide:
Where the grey flocks in ferny glens are feeding;
Where the wild wind blows on the mountain side.

What have those lonely mountains worth revealing?
More glory and more grief than I can tell:
The earth that wakes one human heart to feeling
Can centre both the worlds of Heaven and Hell.

Sample Schedule:

Topics of the day will be the themes incorporated into the classes and walks.

Wednesday 4th March:

  • Arrive!
  • 5-7.30pm Welcome and practice
  • 8pm Evening meal with group in Haworth (included in price)

Thursday 5th March:

Topic of the day: Rita- The rhythms of the cosmos and how to embrace all that life gives and takes away

  • 8-10.45am Extended morning practice including therapeutic flows incorporating mudra and pranayama
  • 11-12pm Delicious vegetarian brunch
  • 12-2pm free time
  • 2-5pm Walk with the Alpaca’s!
  • 6-8pm Evening yin yoga practice

Friday 6th March:

Topic of the day: Yoga beyond the slogans. Life/death, love/grief, pain/compassion. We will take a look at some of the older philosophical ideas in yoga and explore how they can support us today.

  • 8-10.45am Extended morning practice including therapeutic flows incorporating mudra and pranayama
  • 11-12pm Delicious vegetarian brunch
  • 12-2pm free time
  • 2-5pm Walk to Penistone hill and to the Bronte museum in Hawarth
  • 6-8pm Evening yin yoga practice

Saturday 7th March:

Topic of the day: The inner yoga: Embracing and awakening the wisdom within that guides us through our menstrual cycles and life cycles. Filling the gaps and translating yoga into a woman’s body.

  • 8-10.45am Extended morning practice including therapeutic flows incorporating mudra and pranayama
  • 11-12pm Delicious vegetarian brunch
  • 12-2pm free time
  • 2-5pm Walk through the hills to the Bronte Waterfalls and Top Withins
  • 6-8pm Evening yin yoga practice

Sunday 8th March:

  • 8-10.45am Extended morning practice and integration
  • 11am Farewell brunch

Simply come ready to retreat into Nature, anchor in your heart and gift yourself this time to plug into the power of this land.

Price including welcome meal, daily brunch, museum entry and walk with the Alpacas. (Excluding transport & accommodation):


Accommodation to be arranged independently.

200GBP deposit required to secure place.

The event will go ahead rain or shine! Its time to align with the elemental divine.

Further information please contact: freedomthrumovement@gmail.com

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