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Traditional Yoga has very little to do with a yoga mat and everything to do with discovering the truth about who you are. Asana is the tip of the iceberg.  These courses offer you an opportunity to explore Yoga beyond the confines of a 90 minute class, yoga studio or a conventional Teacher Training course.  Freedom through Movement is the chance to do just that: To explore the link between asana and our embodiment of inner liberation. It is the invitation to immerse-fully-in Yoga.  The content of each course is a culmination of my sixteen years of personal study and ten solid years of teaching en masse.  Over the years of watching Yoga explode into a house hold commodity, I have born witness to its incredible power to shift addictions, patterns of self-sabotage, depression, confusion, loneliness and so so much more.  It is my own personal belief that Yoga is an ancient technology that is so relevant to the intense times we are living in.  It is vital that as practitioners and teachers we get real about Yoga and activate its power immediately.  Unless we are really willing to do the practice, to dig underneath the styles, brands, image and price tags of much of modern day yoga, then it doesn’t matter how many vinyasa’s we do or postures we study, the wisdom within risks remaining dormant.

Every course is unique and suitable for all levels of experience, age, and perceived level of fitness.  Whether you are a teacher or a beginner, Freedom through Movement is an invitation to look at any limiting, fixed ways of being and seeing and to open your hearts and minds beyond what you ever thought Yoga could be or should be. I do my best to offer you a glimpse of Yoga, which is unfiltered and raw. The purpose of all my courses are indeed to allow each participant the space and guidance to deepen their intimacy with Yoga.  It is my view that only after this has happened are we in a position to teach, and in fact the teaching will simply arise naturally without the pressures, constraints and limitations of many commercial yoga teacher trainings.  I don’t have any answers, only you do.  You are after all – Life force unfolding in its natural rhythm.

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